Rotary Indexing Type Air Operated Peening Machine for Ring Gear & Pinions

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At SÛR' FIS KLENZ we have the expertise in designing and developing custom designed shot peening machines depending upon the customer as well as the product requirement. Components ranging from transmission gears, output shafts, timing gears, suspension springs can be shot peened . Satellite table type shot peening machines provide the advantage that new parts can be loaded simultaneously when another set of components are being processed in the blasting chamber without any inconvenience to the operator. These machines not only provide freedom of operation to the operator but also take considerably less space. All Surfis Klenz shot peening machines come standard with electronic incorporation made magna valves. Machines can be configured with one or more nozzles depending upon the shot peening process requirement. 


Shot Peening

Shot peening is a cold working process in which the surface of a metal is bombarded with spherical particles (or shot ) formed from cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Most often, peening is used to create a uniform compressive stress layer on or near the surface of metals that prolongs service life under cyclical loading conditions by resisting fatigue failures. For this purpose , peening is components which are exposed to cyclical loading.



Automotive Parts:

Axle Shafts, Ball Studs, Crank Shafts,

Connecting Rods, Coil Springs, Crown Wheels & Pinions,

Drive Shafts, Fasteners, Leaf Springs, Rocker Arms, Torsion Bars, Transmission Gears, Wheel Rims

Increase Fatigue Life



Engine Parts, Landing Gear, Structural Members


Aircraft Skin Peen Forming


Aircraft Fasteners & Fastener Holes


Aluminium Housings & Gear Boxes


Engine Crank Shafts


Hard Steels


Increase Fatigue Life


Eliminates Dies for Forming Increases Fatigue Life


Reduces Fretting Corrosion


Prevents Lubrication Loss


Increase Fatigue Life and Lubrication Retention


Reduces Notch Sensitivity


Axles, Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, Locomotive Parts, Wagon & Coach Wheels


Increase Fatigue Life

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