Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

Posted in Shot Blasting, Wheel Blasting

Components which are mass produced and sre suitable for tumbling are ideal for Tumblast Shot Blasting machines. No matter of what material the components are made out of from. Whether small or large, forging or costing, heat treated components or even plastic components can be shot blasted in tumblast machines to attain surface finish of any standard. Tumblast machines provide the most cost effective way for batch cleaning, deflashing, deburring, descaling and even shot peening of variety of components. Tumblast machines can be made fully automatic with loading and unloading equipment. Simple design with rigid cinstruction makes our tumblast machine maintenance friendly. Each machine comes with standard features such as shot level indicators, mill belt jam alarm, blasting wheel maintenance alarm, constant abrasive flow unit, and other TPM and POKA-YOKE concepts.
SÛR' FIS KLENZ make tumblast series of machines are available from 1.25 cu.ft to 6 cu.ft.

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