SÛR' FIS KLENZ stocks and supplies wheel blast parts. Most of the wear parts are available off the Shelf. SÛR' FIS KLENZalso has high wear resistant parts made out of Manganese or dies steel. Most of the High wear resistant parts are either in casting, machined or fabricated from Manganese plate itself.

As an equipment manufacturer, we always intend to deliver the wheel blast parts at the best cost in the shortest of possible lead times.

Typically wheel blast parts available with us are below:






Control Cage




Wheel, Hubs, Feed funnels, Bag Filter, Cartridge filters, Rubber sheets, Rubber flappers, Nylon brush  

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SÛR' FIS KLENZ stocks and supplies original air blasting/air peening parts. Most of the wear parts are available off the shelf. Air blasting/air peening part are available for both manual blasting/peening as well as automated blasting/peening machines.

Typically Air Blast parts available ex-stock with us are as below

Pressure Pot


Blast Hose

Blasting Nozzle Attachments